Know the Memory Storage Capacity of Samsung 64GB microSD Pro Class 10 Memory Card.

Last Update date : Mar 21. 2018

Samsung 64GB microSD Pro Class 10 Memory Card comes with a memory space which is sure to bewilder you and will shock you. With Samsung’s 64GB microSD Memory cards, you can store more photos and videos. Samsung also offers the fastest large-capacity (64GB) microSD cards for those who seek both high capacity and speed.



                     (Comparison of Memory Storage capabilities)


NOTE: The assumptions taken while coming with the above figure are the following:

       i). The average Resolution of the photo is assumed as 3264*2448 pixels.

      ii). The Music is assumed to be a MP3 song with an average duration of 3.5 mins.

     iii). The Video is assumed to be 1080p Full HD.  

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