What is Four Proof Technology in Samsung 64GB microSD Pro Class 10 Memory Card?

Last Update date : Mar 21. 2018

Four Proof Technology in Samsung 64GB microSD Pro Class 10 Memory Card protects your precious data from several threats. Samsung microSD cards can endure 24 hours submerged in water and survive the perils of airport X-ray machines, magnetism and extreme temperatures. So your memories will survive ­even if your camera doesn’t. Trust Samsung with your precious moments.   




Know more about Four Proof Technology : 

● Magnetic Proof : This segment of technology helps in protecting data from damage caused by Airport X-Ray Machines.
Water Proof : This aspect of technogy helps in making the SD Card survive in sea water upto 24 hours. 
● Magnetic Proof : This resisting 13 times the magnetic force of Home Theatre speakers. 
● Temperature Proof : This SD Card is capable of Normal function in the temperature range of -25 C till 85 C.  

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