Galaxy Note9: How to use Smart select?

Last Update date : Oct 29. 2020

Smart select lets you select, clip and collect whatever grabs your interest so you can easily share it right away or at a later time to your friends or via social media.


You can also select an area from a video and capture it as a GIF animation.


When there is content you want to capture, such as a part of an image, here are the steps:

1 Open the Air command panel and Tap Smart select.
2 Select a desired shape icon (example: rectangle) on the toolbar and drag the S Pen across the content you want to select.

Note: Tap Auto select to automatically reshape the selected area. If text is included in the selected area, Tap Extract text to
recognise and extract text from the selected area. 

3 To pin the selected area at the top of the screen, Tap Pin to screen. In case of Pin to screen, you can continuously see captured contents during use other apps.

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