Galaxy Note 9: How to use Live message?

Last Update date : Oct 29. 2020

Instead of a text message, you can create and send a unique message by recording your actions while handwriting or drawing a Live message and saving it as an animated file.


Navigate to Live message → PEN settings → Write or draw → DONE 


Pictorial representation of the above settings are as follows :  


1. When you want to send an animated message while composing a message, open the Air command panel and tap Live message. Alternatively, tap .  icon on the Samsung keyboard. The live message window will appear.


.     .  

         ( Air command )                                ( Keyboard )

2. Customize Pen settings and Background image.



BACKGROUND : Change the background image. You can also select an image from Gallery. 


3. Write or draw on the live message window.

NOTE : when you reach the maximum capacity that can be saved as a live message, you cannot write or draw more strokes.



4. When you are finished, tap DONE and send the message. The live message will be saved in Gallery as an animated GIF file and it will be attached to the current message. To create a GIF after writing a Live message, it takes some time to convert a message to a GIF file; depending on the number of strokes, it may take a minimum of three seconds up to a maximum of 15 seconds.



You can also share live messages using other sharing methods.

• Select a live message in Gallery and tap Share.
• On other screens rather than the message composition screen, open the Air command, tap Live message, create a live message, and then tap SHARE.


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