Galaxy Note9: What are the improvements of Screen off Memo?

Last Update date : Oct 29. 2020

Previously, a Screen off memo could only be written in a white color. Now, it can be written in the same color as the S Pen's exterior color.

The S Pen's color can be also applied as is, even if the memo's pinned to the AOD (always on display). By default, the color is the same as the S Pen's exterior color. However, the user can change it to gray, as supported by Screen off memo, by changing the settings.

Steps : Change the settings

1 Go to Settings
2 Tap Advanced Features
3 Tap S Pen
4 Select Use S Pen signature color, under Screen off memo
5 Turn it OFF

Note: A note written in Samsung Notes is saved in Screen off memo's color as is. A note is saved in black when the user writes it using a black S Pen and also when they write it in gray as provided by Screen off memo.

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