Galaxy S10: How to set up the Fingerprint scanner?

Last Update date : Oct 29. 2020
How to set up Fingerprint lock

Biometric security is a function that many Samsung mobile devices are starting to offer. Fingerprint recognition uses the unique characteristics of each fingerprint to enhance the security of your device. If you use your fingerprint as a screen lock method, your fingerprint cannot be used to unlock the screen for the first time after turning on the device, so you'll need to set and remember a back up PIN, Pattern or Password.


Please Note: The location of the fingerprint scanner may differ according to which model you are using.


How do I set up the Fingerprint scanner?

1 Go to the Settings menu > Lock screen and security.
Settings > Lock screen and security
2 Tap Fingerprint Scanner.
Tap Fingerprint scanner
3 Tap on Continue to proceed.
Select Continue
4 To use fingerprints securely, you need to set a Pattern, PIN, or Password. Select one of the following options to proceed.


Please Note: If you have previously set up a secure screen lock authentication, skip to Step 6.


Set an alternative lock screen security method
5 Get ready to add your fingerprint. Place a finger on the fingerprint sensor, lift it off, and then repeat.


Newer devices will allow you to slide your finger over the sensor to capture your fingerprint.


Fingerprint scan progress
6 Your fingerprint has now been registered. Tap on Add to add another fingerprint or tap on Done to proceed.
Fingerprint has been registered
7 Device will prompt you if you wish to enable Fingerprint Unlock.
Tap on Turn ON to enable Fingerprint Unlock.
Tap Turn ON

Fingerprint Troubleshooting:

  • Keep your skin and the fingerprint scanner dry when attempting to unlock your device - the scanner can't read if moisture is detected.
  • Your finger should cover the fingerprint scanner completely.
  • Make sure no case or cover is restricting access to the scanner.
  • Keep the fingerprint sensor free of dirt or debris. If the scanner gets dirty, wipe it gently with a soft dry cloth.
  • Scanning each finger at multiple angles will increase the fingerprint scanner accuracy.


If your Fingerprint scanner is not recognising your fingerprints - unlock the device with your backup credentials and restart your phone. 

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