Galaxy Watch : How to set lock screen ?

Last Update date : Sep 17. 2020

• You can use the screen lock feature to protect your personal information by preventing others from accessing your Galaxy Watch.


• After activating the screen lock feature, the Galaxy Watch will require an unlock code whenever unlocking it.


Navigate to Settings → Tap Security → Tap Lock → Tap Type  → Select lock Method (Pin or Pattern)


Pictorial representation of the above settings are as follows :

1 On the Apps screen, Tap Settings
2 Tap Security
3 Tap Lock
4 Tap Type and Select lock Method (Pin or Pattern)

• Pattern : Draw a pattern with four or more dots to unlock the screen.


PIN : Enter a PIN with at least four numbers to unlock the screen. You can enter the PIN with the bezel.


Rotate the bezel to move to the number you want to enter. After the color of the number changes, the number will be entered.

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