Galaxy Watch: How to use PPT Controller?

Last Update date : Oct 29. 2020


You can control the PPT slides on your computer with your Galaxy Watch after connecting the Galaxy Watch to a computer.



Steps: Connecting your Galaxy Watch to a computer via Bluetooth

1 Tap “< >” PPT Controller icon on the Apps screen. Learn the basic features and controls when an on-screen tutorial appears on your Galaxy Watch.
2 Tap CONNECT. Your Galaxy Watch enters Bluetooth pairing mode and the computer will find your Galaxy Watch.
3 Search for or select your Galaxy Watch from the Bluetooth list on your computer.
4 Follow the on-screen instructions to complete the connection.

Note: If your computer and Galaxy Watch do not connect, cancel the Bluetooth request on both devices and try again.


Or, remove the Galaxy Watch from your computer that previously appeared on the Bluetooth list, and try again.


5 Tap SLIDESHOW to control the slides. Tap “> “ to move to the next slide or tap “< “to move to the previous slide. Alternatively, rotate the bezel clockwise or anticlockwise to move between slides.

6 Tap TOUCHPAD and move your finger on the screen to control the cursor on your computer. The Galaxy Watch’s display may turn off while you are controlling the slides with the Galaxy Watch. To set the screen always stay on,

       • Tap More (three dots) → Screen always on and tap the Always on switch to activate it.

       • Tap STOP to stop controlling slides.


Steps: To Set the wrap up alert


When you make a presentation using slides, set the finishing time on your Galaxy Watch in advance to receive an alarm.

1 Tap More (Three dots) and rotate the bezel to select Wrap-up alert.
2 Tap the Wrap-up alert switch to activate it.
3 Tap Set time and rotate the bezel to set the finish time and then tap SET.


Steps: To Set interval alerts Set regular interval alerts on your Galaxy Watch in advance to receive alerts while making a presentation.

1 Tap More (Three dots) icon and rotate the bezel to select Interval alerts.
2 Tap the Interval alerts switch to activate it.
3 Set interval and rotate the bezel to set the interval and then tap SET.

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