Galaxy Watch: How to utilize Bixby feature?

Last Update date : Oct 29. 2020


Bixby is a voice service that helps you use the Galaxy Watch more conveniently. You can talk to Bixby to launch a function or provide you with information.


•  This app may not be available depending on the region.


•  Make sure the Galaxy Watch’s microphone is not obstructed when you are speaking into it.


•  To use Bixby, your mobile device must be connected to a Wi-Fi or mobile network.



Methods: To Launch Bixby


•   Launching with the Home key :  When you quickly press the Home key twice, Bixby will launch.


•   Launching by voice :  You can launch Bixby using your own voice wake-up command. You can only use this feature when your GalaxyWatch’s screen is turned


Steps: To set the voice wake-up command,


1 Navigate to the Apps screen, Select Bixby icon
2 Tap More (three dots)
3 Select Voice wakeup.


Steps: To Use Bixby 

1 Quickly press the Home key twice. Alternatively, say “Hi Bixby”. You can also launch Bixby by tapping (Bixby) icon on the Apps screen. The Galaxy Watch begins voice recognition.
2 Say a voice command. If the Galaxy Watch recognizes the command, the Galaxy Watch will perform the corresponding action with voice feedback. To repeat a voice command or say a different command, Tap Bixby icon .


Tips:  For better voice recognition

            •  Speak clearly.

            •  Speak in quiet places.

            •  Do not use offensive or slang words.

            •  Avoid speaking in dialectal accents.


Note: The Galaxy Watch may not recognize your commands or may perform unwanted commands depending on your surroundings or how you speak.


Steps: To set Language 

1 On the Apps screen, Tap Bixby icon
2 Tap More (three dots), rotate the bezel,
3 Tap Language, and then select a language.

Note: The selected language is applied to Bixby only, not to the language displayed on the Galaxy Watch.

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