How to use Quick connect in Samsung Galaxy A5-2016(SM-A510FD)?

Last Update date : Oct 29. 2020

The Quick Connect feature on Samsung smartphones allows you to easily search and connect using Bluetooth or Wi-Fi to find other mobile devices, smart TVs and or streaming devices. You can use Quick Connect to share content such as images, videos, and audio. 

Scroll down Notification bar → Quick connect → Enable Quick Connect → Connect Visible device → Share Content  


Pictorial representation for changing the above settings is as follows:

a). From the home screen, Scroll down the Notification bar.




b). Tap Quick connect.


NOTE: Quick connect is used to automatically search for nearby devices and quickly connect to them.








d). Tap Visible device.




e). Tap Share content.


NOTE: Select any medium from which you want to share your files.


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Note: After software update Quick connect application has changed to Smart Things.

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