How to use SmartThings Find on my Samsung Phone?

Last Update date : Dec 22. 2020

Lost your Samsung Watch or Galaxy Tab and need help locating it? Use SmartThings Find on your Galaxy Phone or Tablet to ring and track its location wherever you are. Simply ensure that your Galaxy devices have signed into your Samsung Account and you have activated Find my Mobile.

Follow the below guide to learn how to setup and use SmartThings Find on your Galaxy device.

Prior to following the below guide ensure your Galaxy devices are connected to a strong internet connection either via a Wi-Fi network or using your Mobile Data

1 Launch the Launch SmartThings app SmartThings app
Launch SmartThings app
2 Tap on SmartThings Find
Select SmartThings Find
3 Select Download
Tap Download
4 You will then be redirected to update Find my Mobile
Tap update to update FInd my Mobile
5 Select Use offline finding then tap on Agree
Select Use offline finding then tap on Agree
6 Choose which devices you want to see on the map then tap on Done
select the devices you would like to see on the map then tap on done
7 You will then be able to view your selected device's location. If you swipe up on the screen you will be able to switch between your devices.
Swipe up to view other devices
8 Select another device you would like to track
Select Galaxy Watch Location
9 Once the newly selected device has been located, you will be able to Navigate, Ring or access More options
Viewing Galaxy Watch3 location
1 Select Navigate icon Navigate
Select Navigate
2 You will then be shown directions to your lost device through Google Maps
Redirected to Google Maps to provide directions to lost device
1 Select Ring icon Ring
Select RIng

In order for you to successfully Ring a lost mobile phone, the device will need to be connected to an internet connection - either via Wi-Fi connection or using Mobile Data. If you are locating a Galaxy Watch or Galaxy Buds, they will need to be paired and connected to your Galaxy phone or Tab to search for location and ring.

2 Tap on Start to begin ringing your lost device
Tap Start
3 Once you have located the lost device you can press Stop
Once the lost device has been located tap on Stop
More Options
1 Tap on More Options icon More Options
Select More Options
2 You will then be able to view your lost device's Location, Ring, Lock or even Erase the data.
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