Walkaround of Samsung Galaxy J2 2016(SM-J210F)

Last Update date : Oct 14. 2020

The all new Samsung Galaxy J2 2016 ( SM-J210F ) comes with 12.63 cm (5.0) HD Super AMOLED display. Superior display with vivid colours and deeper contrasts. With Turbo Speed Technology you can experience fast performance with smart management of apps and RAM. Smart Glow feature make your notifications stylish with your favourite colours. With 8 MP + 5 MP (Rear + Front) camera, the Galaxy J2 (2016) takes photos that are picture perfect. What’s more, you can take fantastic selfies from the rear camera with Selfie. Assist feature that enables face detection cues and focus lock before taking the picture.


It consists of different ports and buttons. Following representations will give a clear picture of different views of this new gadget from Samsung :

● We will start with the Front View. Below representation introduces the user to various hardware parts of Samsung Galaxy J2 2016 ( SM-J210F ) from the front. Take a look :




● The Rear view of Samsung Galaxy J2 2016 ( SM-J210F ) :






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