What are the different types of Filter Effects in Samsung Galaxy S4 Zoom(SM-C101)?

Last Update date : Oct 13. 2020

You can use the Filter Effects to take unique photos or videos with Samsung Galaxy S4 Zoom (SM-C101). Not all of the following options are available in both still camera and video camera modes. The available options may vary by mode.

Filter effects in Samsung Galaxy S4 Zoom

1. No effect : No effect.

2. Vignette : This effect applies the retro-looking colours, high contrast, and strong vignette effect of Lomo cameras.

3. Greyscale : This effect makes the image black and white.

4. Sepia : This effect red-shifts the background scenery.

5. Vintage : This effect gives the image a vintage look and feel.

6. Faded colours : This effect fades the colour of the image.

7. Turquoise : This effect applies a soft turquoise colour effect.

8. Tint : This effect applies a colour tint effect.

9. Cartoon : This effect applies a cartoon painting effect.

10. Moody : This effect applies a mono cartoon painting effect.

11. Rugged : This effect applies a rugged effect.

12. Oil pastel : This effect applies an oil painting effect.

13. Fisheye : This effect blackens the edges of the frame and distorts objects to imitate the visual effect of a fisheye lens.























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