What is USB Tethering in Samsung Smartphones?

Last Update date : Oct 13. 2020

USB Tethering is a feature in your Samsung Smartphone that makes you to connect your phone to a computer via USB Cable. USB Tethering allows the sharing of an Internet connection of the phone or tablet with other device such as laptop/computer via USB Data cable. 

What is USB Tethering in Samsung Smartphones?


● USB Tethering does not require any driver installation in PC/Laptop (Windows 7) while connecting it with smartphone for using packet data. 

● USB Tethering option will appear only when your Phone is connected with PC through USB cable.

● Your mobile data should be activated in your mobile device so as to share the mobile data to your PC/Laptop. 

Other options to share Internet connection of your mobile device to PC/Laptop are : 

1 With ICM Networking wizard.
2 Set the device as a Wi-FI Hotspot.
3 Bluetooth Tethering.

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