Can I experience the richness of bass sounds in Samsung Sound Air Track(HW-F551)?

Last Update date : Oct 13. 2020

Yes, with Samsung Sound Air Track you can really experience the richness of bass sounds. Combine the simplicity of the AirTrack with the thunderous bass sound quality to give you a truly enriching sound environment. The supersonic sub-woofer that accompanies Samsung’s AirTrack adds dynamic and rich bass levels to your listening experience.



( Experience the richness of bass sounds )


Features making bass experience sounds possible are :


● It provides top-quality sounds without sacrificing richness and bottom of the bass tone.

● It is the best ever made sound air track gives you the thunderous bass sound quality by truly enriching sound environment.

● It increases the potential of your sound experience with the wireless AirTrack.

● Its wire-free design makes it easy to set up and to adjust around the room to give you the best bass effect.  

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