What are additional functions available while using QWERTY keypad in Samsung H series TV?

Last Update date : Oct 14. 2020

A Qwerty keyboard is a keyboard having the arrangement of alphabetical and numerical keys found on the traditional typewriter.

You can select . on the QWERTY keyboard screen of your Samsung TV.




There are the following options available :

1. Recommend text :
Enable/disable the Recommended Text feature. Enabling the Recommend text feature allows you to quickly enter text starting with the characters you typed in by displaying recommended words. To enter the word "Internet," for example, all you have to do is enter "In" and select the word "Internet" from the list of recommended words. The word is memorised so that you can enter the same text again more easily.


2. Reset recommended text data : Delete both the recommended words and the memorised words to clear the list.


3. Predict Next Letter : Enable/disable the Text Prediction feature. Enabling the Text Prediction feature eliminates the need to find and select individual character keys. To enter the word "Internet," for example, select "I". A predicted word will then appear next to the I key. Simply select the predicted word to enter "Internet".  

NOTE : This feature is limited to words that have previously been added to the dictionary.


4. Accented Character Preview : Enable/disable the Show Accented Letters feature. An accented letter is a letter such as Ё or Й with a diacritical mark above it. Enable the Show Accented Letters feature to enter these kinds of letters.  

NOTE : This is available only with a language that uses diacritical letters.


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