What can an agent do once connected to customer's Samsung TV via Remote Management?

Last Update date : Oct 27. 2020

Once connected to the Samsung TV an agent can control the TV as if they were in front of the TV itself and make any adjustment to the consumer settings in the TV. The agent can see a list of all the setting the TV was set to when you connect and save all settings that the TV has been set to when finished. So if you need to connect again the agent can quickly review which settings have been changed from the previous session.



( Agent controlling TV )


Samsung Remote support service offers you one-on-one support with Samsung Technician who can remotely :


Diagnose your TV.

● Customise the TV setting for you ( Picture, Sound, etc. ).

● Backup and restore your customize settings.

● Reset your TV to the factory default.

Install the latest firmware.

● Manage Smart Hub optimally.

● Configure Smart Hub and app installation.

Optimal Picture and Audio Calibration.

Plus, your TV settings are saved with on our servers for future sessions if needed.

● It’s easy convenient and faster way to get support for your TV.


CLICK HERE to know how to get support for Samsung Smart TV via Remote Management.  

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