What is Energy Saving in Samsung H series TV(UA40H6400)?

Last Update date : Oct 27. 2020


The Energy Saving feature in Samsung Smart TV adjusts the brightness of your TV to reduce Power Consumption. It can also help to reduce eye fatigue especially in dim and dark room. This feature is available in Eco Solution option of Samsung Smart TV. There are Five settings in Energy Saving feature : Off, Low, Medium, High, Picture Off. You can easily select a brightness setting from the list to reduce the TV's power consumption.




Options available in Energy Saving mode :

Off : It provides brightest picture, no power reduction.
Low : Slightly reduces the screen brightness. You can set Low when TV is in slightly dim room.
Medium : Significantly reduces the screen brightness. You can set Medium when TV is in moderatly lit room.
High : Greatly reduces the screen brightness.You can set High when TV is in dark room.
Picture Off : Completely reduces the screen brightness. Picture will not be visible and it saves much power.


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