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Games are more lifelike than ever
before. Read on to find out how your
choice in TVs can make those gaming
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When you're ready to buy a new TV for gaming, these are things to consider:

Convenient Connection

When you play on game consoles like the Xbox One, PS4, and Nintendo Switch, the first thing to consider is how convenient it is to set up the gaming environment. If your TV could automatically recognize a game console when it's connected, how awesome would that be? What's even better is that the TV shows what kind of game console is connected and switches to that port any time it turns on. Don't miss the auto detection function.

Optimized Picture & Sound

It's never easy to see hidden enemies in the dark. However, with technology such as dynamic black equalizer that's not an issue. Dynamic black equalizer works by analyzing a game's dark scenes and detecting objects within them. It then optimizes the black levels, helping to reveal the things that you couldn't quite see well before. In addition, HDR technology, which makes things look more real, and optimized sound settings are also a must. And with sound optimized to adjust to any type of game you choose to play, you can be sure to fully enjoy all of your games.

Low Input Lag

Don't blink! When you play sports, action or FPS (first-person shooter) games, a one-second delay determines who wins or loses. That's why a TV response time is so important and why a low input lag TV is a must for gaming. When measuring speed, input lag — the delay between pressing a button on a controller and seeing the game react — is measured in ms (milliseconds). The lower the input lag, the faster the reaction rate will be. So a TV that has smooth screen processing without tearing(FreeSync) while maintaining a low input lag is definitely the better choice.

Game Mode

To help gamers start their game in no time, Gaming TVs offer a feature called Game Mode which automatically sets necessary specs such as picture and sound to optimal levels, all while keeping input lag low. Remember, improved picture quality shouldn't increase input lag because a true Game Mode improves picture quality without affecting the input lag.

Big Screen

It's often said that when buying a TV, bigger is better—and the same holds true when choosing the best size TV for gaming. This is especially true when you race against your friends in a multiplayer game or have a dance competition with your family in your home. A bigger screen makes any game that much more fun and exciting.

So what are you waiting for? Choose the best Gaming TV for you. Your mission starts here.

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