Let’s Give Your Dating Profile
Pictures a Makeover

Learn the secrets of eye-catching dating app photos with these pro tips.

You are a catch. But what if you’re missing out on some quality matches just because your dating profile pictures are a little meh? Well, that’s something professional dating coach Alexis Germany (@thealexisgermany) simply won’t stand for. She regularly doles out helpful advice on TikTok, teaching her 67K followers the best ways to capture all their amazingness in profile form. Here, Germany shares a few of her top photo suggestions, which we’ve brought to life with the Galaxy Z Flip5 5G. So read on, plan your own shoot and be ready for that social calendar to get a tad more crowded.

Realise being yourself is showing off enough

It’s easy to think of “just being you” and “standing out” as opposites. But the people you want to match with are the ones who will like you as you already are. “Your photos should give people an idea of who they’d actually be going on a date with,” Germany says. “But you also want to take stock of your best qualities, then find a thoughtful way to share them.” She recommends highlighting your interests in at least one of your profile pictures, whether that’s playing guitar or fixing up a Mediterranean Scallop Pissaladière. When it comes to clothes, wear what you feel most comfortable in. Invite a friend to take some candid, natural shots of you. (You can always make subtle enhancements to them using Portrait mode on the Galaxy Z Flip5 5G.) Finally, for a little motion and real-world authenticity, think about posting a quick video of yourself doing something you love.

Flex Mode
Take hands-free selfies that don’t look like selfies.

Break up with the same old selfies

Germany doesn’t mince words when it comes to her opinion of dating profile selfies: “No bathroom selfies. No mirror selfies. Stay away from selfies in general,” she says. “If you absolutely must post a selfie, one is the maximum.” That said, there may come a time when you happen to be alone, wearing a flawless outfit, bathed in perfect lighting—and what then? Are you supposed to not take a cute profile picture? Luckily, Flex Mode on the Galaxy Z Flip3 5G lets you unfold the phone, set it down and take a hands-free selfie that doesn’t look at all like a selfie. You can even connect a Galaxy Watch6 and snap pics from the phone just by tapping the watch. (It’s the perfect wingman.)


Swipe right on photo quality

These days we all have great cameras in our pockets, so it’s easier than ever to take a sharp, high-resolution dating profile picture. And Germany says quality matters. “Even if the written content on your profile is amazing, not having good photos to back it up will result in fewer matches.” So make sure your photos aren’t blurry or poorly lit. A 12MP camera like the one on the Galaxy Z Flip5 5G will give you the crisp, hi-res images you need. No over-the-top editing or filters required.


Show more locations to start more conversations

Think of your profile pictures as a story, one that takes viewers from one captivating setting to another. Location variety also means more conversation starters. So show off that pic of you at a life-changing concert or jogging through your favourite park. “Photos taken at events or gatherings work well, because if you’re out having a good time, that will likely come through in your photos,” Germany says. And of course, make sure you adjust your camera settings for the location. If you’re out on a daytime hike, you should be set with natural light. If you’re trying to capture a night out on the town, you’ll want to know the basics of low-light photography. Night mode on the Galaxy Z Flip5 5G will give you vivid, detailed images of your night (no matter how dark or dimly lit things get).

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