Family Photos:
Let’s Make Them Fun!

Push the boundaries of creativity and make family photos you’ll love looking back on.

Family photos may be our most cherished possessions, but they also tend to be rigid and dull. Let’s skip the usual group pose of standing still side by side. Level up with photography themes your whole family will remember for a lifetime.


Reverse your roles!

Children, dress up like your parents. Wives, dress up like your husbands! Show how much you know your family by dressing up as each other, acting out their favourite activities or poses.


Stage your own royal portrait...With your own (blanket) castle!

Together, build a fortress of blankets big enough to fit your whole family. Then get cosy and give the camera your most dignified expression.


Pull off a group acrobatic pose.

This idea might require a little warm-up, but feel free to be creative. Your group formation could look like a star, a bird, or even the word ‘FAMILY’. For extra points, get your pets involved!

Sharp Snapshots with 8K Video Snap
Galaxy Note20 shoots video in 8K – that means every frame is high resolution. Drag the timeline to find the perfect snapshot then tap on to save it.

Start a food fight!

Who said family photos had to be prim and proper? Set up your camera to record the whole event, then bust out the flour and whipped cream! At the end, you can screenshot the moments you want from the video or even create GIFs from it.

More memories for the family.

Capture moments in crisp detail with our Galaxy’s intelligent camera features.

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