Simple Tips on Taking Better
Photos at No Extra Cost

It’s no secret that photography has become apart of everyone’s daily lives. Having basic
skills in it has become a necessity to a lot of people.

It’s really all about lighting but not just any type of lighting, it’s natural lighting, and it’s really simple. So what’s the secret? How do you get better lighting without any equipment whatsoever?
Well there is the Sun so, let us teach you how!

Rise & shine

For this tip, we’re going to explain how we can take advantage of that near perfect light that we get in the morning. Soft and beautiful light glows between 7am - 10am, giving you optimal lighting for almost any angle.

It’s best to start about 15 minutes after sunrise. The light level is usually fairly low right at sunrise. You know what they say! Early bird gets the worm!

In the shadows

We live in a tropical climate where the bright sun is shining constantly. How can we take advantage of this? Take some great photos of course! This is a very simple tip that gives really great photos!

Late afternoon is usually a great time to shoot some photos under a tree. Find a great tree that has lengthy branches and leaves that partially blocks the sun. Get under it and find a good spot of where there are light pockets shining down on you. Take a few different variations and we promise that you will get stunning photos out of it which is even better with Samsung’s portrait mode.

Golden hour!

Golden hour is the holy grail of natural light. It doesn’t last very long but it does set its own mood and vibe which is unique.

When the sun sets, you get beautiful backlight which makes your hair and skin pop! Just step right in front of that sunset like in the photo above and witness the magic right on your phone. Simple yet effective!

Natural Lighting at it’s finest

Beautiful lighting given to us by nature is one of the best gifts that we can ask for. Realistically, it improves everybody’s mood and can make people feel uplifted and the best way to capture that is with a photo.

The finest devices for the finer lighting

Complement your lighting with these devices.

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