Show us Your Most “Malaysian” Photos
captured #withGalaxy

Merdeka has us united in many ways but the pandemic has put a stop to our celebrations physically. With that in mind, let’s show one another how "Malaysian" we can be and share our positive Malaysian spirit, virtually!

We all know the saying, “A picture is worth a thousand words.” We believe that to be true in every way. It is a powerful way in conveying a message. Let us send a message of positivity and strength this month for our independence that took place on the 31st of August, 1957.

What is Malaysia to you?

Hello, fellow Malaysians! “Malaysia” may mean many things. It may be the culture we, Malaysians, are proud to own and to many others, it may just even be food because honestly that’s something we’re really good at. Whether it be Nasi Lemak, people or even the flag raised up high in the sky, there is no wrong answer here. Ask yourself this question and you may very well just find your subject for your photo.


Frame it up!

Turn on the camera app on your phone and lets boogey! Depending on your subject, the way you should frame your photo may vary. For instance, for food, it may be ideal to take a flat lay angle. How about a flag high up in the sky? The ideal angle would be shooting it wide angled to make the flag seem big and grand.

Now, these are just suggestions but ultimately when it comes to decision making, it may be best to follow that little thing you call your gut.

Say “Cheese!”

So, you got your subject and you got the framing down. Now, the next step is to take a photo. Use the “Scene Optimiser” to help you choose the right mode to get the best outcome for your photo.
Click. Snap. Just like that, you got your photo!


Show off your patriotic pride by posting your photo and showing everyone what Malaysia is to you. In times like this, we should be more united than ever and look out for one another. Be strong, be together, be Malaysian. #staystrong #MalaysiaDiHatiku #withGalaxy

Big resolution for a bigger pride

These phones provide the crystal clear images to help show off that patriotism hidden in you.

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