Re-create the Moment
You Fell in Love

Capture your love story photos for Valentine's Day #withGalaxy.

Ever think back to that moment when you first locked eyes? Whether that romantic instant triggered heart-eyed emojis or a gradual bond that snowballed over time, we want to see a reboot of your real love story through freshly captured photos.

To spark some inspiration, we invited two couples to relive their meet-cute, awkward days of courtship and relationship progression using the Galaxy S21. No significant other? No worries. Reflect on the time you met your other half (bestie, furry friend or otherwise!) and re-create your own visual love story #withGalaxy.

Walis & Fletcher's
love story

Walis and Fletcher naturally came together through a shared love of black skinny jeans, high-top Chelsea boots and photography. While their relationship followed a longer unconventional journey as coworkers-turned-friends-turned-lovers, their comfort level and silliness with each other remained constant. Go behind the scenes to see how they captured their early memories together and check out their tips for nailing the shot.


Camille & Darnell's
love story

It didn't take long for Camille and Darnell to hit it off IRL after sharing laughs over each other's online dating profiles. What started as a waffle breakfast date eventually turned into a 16-hour bonding session over art, more food, dancing, binge-watching and laughing 'til their cheeks hurt. Check out how they documented their budding beginnings and find more bonus tips on capturing your own stories of love.


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Valid from Feb 07. 2022 ~ Feb 14. 2022

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Capture it better than you remember it

This Valentine’s Day, revisit those epic memories and re-create them in super high-resolution on the new Galaxy S21 FE 5G.

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It's your turn

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