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Put Mom in the Picture

Mom has always focused on you.
This Mother’s Day, it’s time to focus on her.

A young woman is taking a profile photo of her mom outdoors using a Galaxy S20.
A compilation video showcasing pictures and videos of content creators going from their childhood to current day – while celebrating Mother's Day and putting mom in the picture. Pictures and videos are from following instagram accounts; @lpeopleswagner @coolman_coffeedan @yarashahidi @zoetwodots @jumpinspider @iz.harris @tylerjoe @amandarachlee @grantthegoatyt @jalaiah Mom has always focused on you. Now it’s time to focus on her. Captured #withGalaxy Galaxy S20 Ultra 5G. @tylerjoe @yarashahidi This Mother’s Day, put mom in the picture. Captured #withGalaxy Galaxy S20 Ultra 5G. @khalildaterra @bryant @jalaiah Even if you’re apart. Captured #withGalaxy Galaxy S20 Ultra 5G. @fencer @andres55 @tylerjoe Tag your mom pictures #withGalaxy for a chance to be featured on @withgalaxy. *Google Duo is a trademark of Google LLC.

Remember when you were growing up and your mom was always behind the camera snapping photos and videos? We’re glad she did. The problem is: Every moment she captured of you back in the day is a photo she’s not in today.

This Mother’s Day, we wanted to honor all the moms who have been behind the camera all our lives – by putting them in the picture. So we joined forces with content creators to do exactly that. Some of them couldn’t be with their mom in person because of social distancing, but that didn’t stop them from being creative and doing something special for her. We hope this inspires you to do the same for your mom.

This Mother’s Day, even if you’re apart, put mom in the picture and tag #withGalaxy for a chance to be featured on the @withGalaxy Instagram channel.

A man is holding an old photo of himself when he was a kid in one hand and a Galaxy S20 with a photo of his mom in the other hand.

@andres55 and his mom Gustty
- Photographer & Music Journalist

Meet Bryant and his mom

Born and raised in California, Bryant has always been obsessed with looking at old photos his mom took when he was a kid. Little did he know he would grow up to become the photographer of choice of the biggest social media stars with now more than 7 million followers across Instagram and TikTok.

Selfie of Bryant with his mom in front of palm trees.

Now in confinement with his mom Marlene because of social distancing, Bryant is grateful to be able to spend so much time with her. “We’ve always had a really close relationship. She’s always supported me in my career, in every way, so I’m very excited to honor her and make her the star of my photography this Mother’s Day.” Even though he, his dad, and his brother do something special for Marlene every single year, Bryant admits he hasn’t documented these moments as much as he should. “I need to continue capturing these moments so I can look back at them. That’s super important.”

Portrait of Bryant's mom on a sunny day in front of palm trees.

By putting his mom in his pictures #withGalaxy this Mother’s Day, Bryant really hopes he inspires his friends and followers to do the same. Needless to say, Marlene loved the idea: “Just let me get ready, and let’s do it!”

Behind the scenes of Bryant taking a selfie with his mother on his balcony using the Galaxy S20.

"The photos on our balcony were one of the highlights of my Mother's Day"

–Marlene, Bryant's mom

Meet the moms

Woman looking at camera through a window with a reflection of the photographer in front of her.

Woman wearing a hat sitting in bed and looking at the camera.

Woman looking at camera in a park.

Woman looking at camera with a black suit and plain background.

Woman sitting at a table in a room with windows and plants.

Woman with short hair cooking in a modern kitchen.

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It's your turn

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Mother's Day gift guide

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