Noisy sound from my Samsung refrigerator

Last Update date : Jun 27. 2022

If you hear the following sounds please do not be alarmed as it is normal for newer refrigerator units as modern refrigerators have more features and use newer technologies.

1 Humming or Whoosh Sounds

  • The new high efficiency compressor may run faster and longer than your old refrigerator and you may hear a high-pitched hum or pulsating sound while it is operating. 
  • You may hear whooshign sound when the doors close. Thus us due to pressure equalizing within the refrigerator


2 Whirring Sounds

  • You may hear the fans spinning at high speeds. This happens when the refrigerator is plugged in and powered on for the first time, when the doors are opened frequently or when a large amount of food is added to the refrigerator or freezer compartments. The fans are helping to maintain the correct temperature. 
3 Clicks, Pops, Cracks and Chirps Sounds

  • You may hear cracking or popping sounds when the refrigerator is first plugged in. Thus happens as the refrigerator cools to the correct temperature.
  • The compressor may cause a clicking or chriping sound when attempting to restart (this could take up to 5 minutes). 
  • Expansion and contraction of cooling coils during and after defrost can cause a cracking or popping sound.
  • On models that are equipped with ice maker, after an ice making cycle, you may hear the ice cubes dropping into the ice bucket.
4 Water Sounds

  • The flow of refrigerant through th freezer cooling coils may cause a gurgling noise that might be similar to the sound of boiling water.
  • Water dropping on the defrost heater can cause a sizzling, popping or buzzing sound during the defrost cycle.
  • A water dripping noise may occur during the defrost cycle as ice melts from the evaporator and flows into the drain pan.
  • Closing the door may cause a gurgling sound due to pressure equalization.

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