[Galaxy S7 Edge] How do I connect my device to stereo or Hi-Fi system?

Last Update date : Oct 21. 2020

There are a few different ways to connect your device to a stereo or Hi-Fi.

1 With a 3.5mm jack cable

To connect to a sound system using a jack cable, simply plug one end into your device’s headphone port and the other into the 3.5mm jack port on your sound system. Then select line-in or aux as your sound source on the sound system.

2 Bluetooth

To connect your device with Bluetooth, first make sure your Bluetooth is switched on. To turn on Bluetooth on your device, choose Bluetooth in the Settings menu. 

Your device will look for any available Bluetooth enabled devices. If your sound system has Bluetooth, it’ll be in the Available devices list. 

Choose your sound system in the Available devices list. 

If asked for, confirm the passkey matches on both devices and choose Accept.

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