[Galaxy S8/S8+] What's new on new bundled earphone?

Last Update date : Oct 02. 2020

We improved bundled earphone's fit, cable tangling user felt uncomfortable and also enhances sound resolution quality by supporting UHQA playback capability.

(32 bit UHQA source refers to a sound source closer to the original sound.)

1 Enhanced sound: Delicate tuning with Harman audio brand 'AKG'

Newly adapt 2-way Speaker (Woofer: Bass + Tweeter: Treble) enables rich sound reproduction across the entire dynamic range.

AKG: Established in 1947 in Vienna, Austria, AKG stands for German language 'Akustische und Kino-Geräte‘ and in English stands for Acoustic & cinema equipment company.

2 Better fitting: applying hybrid kernel which brings better fit on outer ear.

※ S/M/L ear tip provided.

3 Tangle free : Fabric Cable improves the cable tangling.
[Galaxy S8/S8+] What's new on new bundled earphone?

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