How do I take an Animated Photo using my Samsung Galaxy Note 3?

Last Update date : Nov 23. 2020


Last updated: 31 January, 2014


The Animated photo option lets you capture a scene and create a photo containing moving and static objects. These photos are sometimes referred to as cinema graphs. To turn the Animated photo feature on open the Camera application, touch Mode   and then touch the Animated photo thumbnail.


Note: to view all photo modes at the same time touch Mode  then touch 


Aim your device at the scene then touch the screen to focus on a specific area. When the focal point turns green touch the camera shutter button. The photo will be captured along with up to 0:05 seconds of video. You can touch the stop button at any time or allow the full five seconds to be captured. When the capture is complete you will be shown the cinema graph scene.


Touch Animate and use your finger to select an area of the photo to animate by swiping your finger over the desired area. While you are selecting an area for animation the selected area will be highlighted pink. Touch Freeze and use your finger to select an area of the photo to turn the animation off. Touch Trim to edit the length of the animation.


Touch Direction to select the direction of the animation. You can select from Back and forth, Forwards or Backwards.


When you are satisfied with the cinema graph touch Save .  The photo will be saved as a .GIF file.

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