Key Features of Samsung 2018 QLED TV

Last Update date : Oct 02. 2020

The new Samsung 2018 QLED TV do not disappoint as their new features and functions bring you the most engaging viewing experience.


Q Picture

Q Contrast
Imagining watching TV in very different surroundings and the picture appears dull or washed out when the room conditions are bright.


With our ground-breaking Quantum dot technology, we took the simple process of turning light into color so that you can view your favourite show comes to life in realistic and accurate colours.


Q HDR Elite
Having difficulty to view dark object on a dark screen? Powered by HDR10+3 technology, Q HDR Elite give you a wider range of brightness and contrasts to bring all the picture nuances to life. 


Engineered to last
QLED TVs are built to last and provide a vibrant picture even after long periods of time. Our metal alloy quantum dot pixels feature inorganic materials that are engineered for durability and resistance to fading.


Q Engine
QLED TV's spectacular picture quality is powered by our incomparable processor known as Q Engine. It instantly analyzes every scene you see to deliver the most life like picture in excellent colour, contrast and details.

Q Style

Our design philosophy is to keep distractions hidden so you focus on what truly matters.


The new QLED has removed the common things that distract us most, such as messy cables or a black screen, to remove distractions from your home. Enjoy freedom of space, freedom of pure entertainment.


One Invisible Connection
The power cable and optical cable are merged into one slim near-invisible connection that can be kept out of view by connecting them to the One Connect Box.


Clutter free
Keep your TV simple by plugging in your devices to the One Connect Box and place it neatly away from your TV.


No more Black Screen
With our new Magic Screen, you can elevate your living room with decorative content, useful information, and your own photos. You won’t notice the TV on the wall as it blends perfectly with your décor.


Quick installation
Install your QLED TV in minutes. With our specially designed No Gap Wall-Mount, your QLED TV fits naturally into your living room design and leaves nothing to distract you from the amazing picture quality on screen.


You can also choose from other stands, including the Gravity Stand and the Studio Stand, to fit your room to the best.

Q Smart

With One Remote Control, you can have a seamless and effortless experience to control your connected devices. Spend more time watching what you want, rather than searching.

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