Your Galaxy Your Way – with One UI4

Personalise, perfect and share - with our latest Galaxy upgrade

If you're always looking for easier, faster and smarter ways to be creative 
on your phone, look no further. The newest Galaxy upgrade, ONE UI4, has been revamped to be more comfortable, simple and unique to you.

Plus, it’s now even easier to use one handed, and we’ve added lots of new ways to up your productivity (and look great doing it). Our One UI4 enhancements will also help you stay connected no matter which device you’re on, and step up your Instagram game.

Customisation: the next generation

When you’re part of the Galaxy universe, customisation is a given. And like the universe, we believe there are no limits to how personal you can get with your device - especially when it comes to the look and feel.

With ONE UI 4, you can show off a stylish home screen that tells everyone who you are at a glance - using our extended colours to create your own bespoke palette. You can also design a home screen that’s unique to you your apps and widgets to suit your style.


You know the sinking feeling when you think you’ve captured the perfect fleeting moment on camera - then you see a water bottle smack bang in the middle of the picture, and of course by then, the moment’s passed.

That’s why we’ve perfected our new AI Eraser. It’s fast and simple to use, auto-corrects shadows and glare, and removes objects easily - just circle and tap. Now every single picture you take is instantly Insta-ready; no fiddly editing required.

So secure, yet so accessible

Whether you’re a CEO or a student, digital security is vital, especially if you’re trying to be the most productive you can be. With our new bulked up security enhancements, you don’t have to worry about monitoring your privacy - you’ll get an instant alert when an app wants to use your microphone or camera.

You can also easily and safely make decisions on-the-fly as to what you’ll share and with whom with our simple-to-use permissions dashboard.

No such thing as over sharing

The best work usually comes from collaborating - which is why we aimed to eliminate anything that gets in the way of your workflow. Enter QuickShare, which lets you share files with colleagues and photos with friends instantly (and safely) to enable the smoothest of collaborations.

Plus, even if you’re right in the middle of a project and your device dies, it’s even easier to switch without dropping the ball. So there really are no more excuses - get that team together and get started.

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