What To Flex With
Samsung Galaxy and Depop

Here to help you drive your passions forward and flex your style in a circular economy.

This collaboration is for all the side hustlers out there, working hard, day and night, to do more of what they love. Helping everyone with a passion to do more is in Samsung Galaxy’s DNA. But these days, passion projects and side businesses that keep us excited are pushed to the sidelines and into the afterhours. And during those times, having the right phone is integral to running a successful side business.

Depop is made up of the next generation of side hustlers. It's a thriving mobile community with a diverse user base that comes together to buy, sell and discover unique fashion, as well as make the world more inclusive and less wasteful through a circular economy. Depop also invests in its community, teaching sellers how to improve their businesses, giving them a platform to share what they love and helping these up-and-coming talents reach new levels.

That’s why we’re partnering with Depop to launch What To Flex, a dedicated space on the app to show off individual style centered around seasonal and cultural moments. It’s a new promoted category that gives new life to product videos on Depop with the help of Samsung Galaxy.


New season, new wardrobe

To help up-and-comers show the world their distinctive take on fashion, we partnered with top Depop sellers from around the globe, giving them a virtual runway where they can share their conscious style choices for the new season. Successful side hustlers will take you into their closets and give you all the tips and tricks that helped them get to where they are now.

Hear from the sellers themselves

With 8K video¹ and 108MP², Galaxy S21 Ultra 5G* lets you see every detail and pull epic high-resolution stills from videos to post.
"I can just take 8K video and pull out the shots I need in epic quality."


Flex Mode on the Galaxy Z Flip 5G* lets you shoot hands-free head-to-toe selfies.
"This is revolutionary for my small business. I don't have to ask friends to take my picture."


The icon for the Depop app. The icon for the Depop app.

Find unique styles or flex your own

  • ¹8K Video Snap produces photos up to 33MP.
  • ²Maximum image cropping is subject to display resolution and the original image size.

Hustle harder with Samsung Galaxy

Get the features you need to help your side hustle take off.

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*5G Services and functionality are dependent upon network provider and are only supported in 5G network enabled locations. Actual speed may vary by country, carrier, data plan, network/user environment, content provider and other factors.