How to clean the filters of BESPOKE Jet and Clean Station

Last Update date : Jul 21. 2022

After you’ve finished cleaning, clean your BESPOKE Jet filter and Clean Station routinely. All parts of the BESPOKE Jet filters are washable and hygienic to use. When it is time to empty the dust bag, the Clean station LED turns red. Check out the video guide below.

BESPOKE Jet and Clean Station

The BESPOKE Jet pairs with the Clean Station. The BESPOKE Jet dustbin is located under the handle.

The BESPOKE Jet dustbin stores dust, which is layered by the advanced Assy Cyclone filters.

  1. Assy Case
  2. Assy Cyclone Grille
  3. Washable Micro Filter (Assy Filter Cyclone)
  4. Fine Dust Filter (Assy Grille Back)

The removable dustbin allows for easy emptying and washing, so the parts can be kept hygienic.

Note: Before the process, disconnect the power supply. 

Let’s start by detaching the BESPOKE Jet dustbin. Press the detachment button on the top. 

  • Gently remove the dustbin.
  • Pull up on the washable micro filter slowly to remove.
  • Rotate the filter holder anti-clockwise to release it and detach the dustbin and Assy cyclone grille.
  • Remove the dust in the Assy case.
  • Rotate the fine dust filter clockwise to release it from the machine.
  • Remove the dust in the fine dust filter
  • Remove dust on the filters. If needed, use a vacuum to remove the dust. Be careful not to damage the filters.
  • Rinse the filter under running water. All parts and filters are washable. 


  • Wash the fine dust filter with water only. Please do not use detergent.
  • Place the filter parts in a well-ventilated shady area until completely dry. Keep the filter parts away from direct sunlight.
  • Once dry, rotate the filter holder clockwise and assemble the Assy cyclone grille and Assy case. Listen for the ‘clip’ sound when assembling the filters.
  • Put the micro filter back into position in the Assy cyclone grill.
  • When reassembling the fine dust filter, turn the filter until the lock image is no longer visible.
  • Gently put the dustbin back on the handy cleaner body and rotate it to reassemble. Listen for the ‘clip’ sound when reassembling the dustbin.
  • Dustbin cleaning and assembling complete. 
  • Let’s start cleaning the filters on the BESPOKE Jet Clean Station.
  • BESPOKE Jet Clean Stations comes with an advanced filtration system.
  1. Dust bag
  2. Premotor filter
  3. Fine dust filter
  • When the status indicator turns red, the dust bag inside needs to be replaced.
  • Remove the cover lid by slightly pushing both sides of the back cover lid.
  • Press the top button to remove the inner cover lid.
  • Gently pull the blue latch inside and slowly pull the Dust bag out.
  • Throw the Dust bag into the trash can.
  • Use the handle to lift the Premotor filter up and remove.
  • Remove the Premotor filter from the filter case.
  • Shake over a bin to remove dust.
  • Insert the Premotor filter back into the filter case.
  • Reinsert the Premotor filter back into the original position.
  • Gently place the new dust bag inside and push the blue latch back in.
  • Attach the back inner lid cover and attach the back lid cover.
  • Rotate the filter holder clockwise and detach the Fine dust filter.
  • Shake the Fine dust filter over a bin to remove dust.
  • Rotate the filter holder anticlockwise and assemble the Fine dust filter.


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