How to wear the earbuds correctly

Last Update date : Nov 12. 2021

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Before wearing the earbuds, make sure to attach the ear tip and wing tips to the earbuds. 

Check the direction of each earbud and put them in your ears with the wing tip facing upwards (as shown below) until they sit conformably in your ears.


You can adjust the earbuds by rotating them left or right to fit your ears comfortably


The touch sensor will automatically detect that your are wearing the earbuds once you have put them on. The earbud will then emit a sound letting you know that the earbud has been detected. 


The ear bud may not work if the touch-sensitive sensor does not make contact with your ear.

Use the wing tips and earbud tips that fit your ears.

Follow all posted warnings and directions from authorised personnel in areas where the use of wireless devices is restricted e.g. aeroplanes and hospitals.

For more information about your Galaxy Buds check out the below FAQS.




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