What Parental controls are available in Samsung Kids

Last Update date : Sep 03. 2022

Educating children about their new digital environments is fundamental in today's societies. For this reason, Samsung Kids has put in place some options for parents to control their children's activities within the app.

View of the screen of the Parental controls of Samsung Kids.

Samsung Kids sets limits on playtime, as well as provides access to specific contacts and apps. You can keep up with the usage reports to see what your child is doing, or to make sure they’re only seeing what’s appropriate.


To access all these options, please follow these steps:

1 On the Samsung Kids main screen, tap on the “More” menu on the top right corner.
2 On the displayed menu, tap on the “Parental controls” option and enter your PIN.
3 On the new screen you can see all the features that allow you to monitor your child's activities and protect them.

These are the different features that you can monitor:

  • Activity: You can check your child’s usage time by day and app.
  • Set screen time goal: You can set the daily playtime limit for each day of the week.
  • Allowed content: You can limit and manage content shown to your child through four different methods: Apps, Contact, Media and Music. 

Note: Device screenshots and menu may vary depending on the device model and software version.

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