What is Samsung Recovery Solution?

Last Update Date : Jul 05. 2019
Recovery Solution

With Samsung Recovery Solutions:
• You can perform backup and can restore personal data files.
• You can perform a complete backup of the entire Samsung PC, including the operating system, programs, data files and software.
• You can restore your Samsung PC to an earlier time from a previously created backup.

Note: Depending on your computer model from Samsung, the recovery software may not be provided or may have a different version. Samsung uses the Samsung Recovery Solution software for recovery, restoring and backing up your computer. Windows 8 computers have the Recovery software.

Back Up the Current SystemClick to Expand

The Recovery Solution software provided by software can be used to create a backup of your computer and your files.


Windows 7

Windows 7 users can create 2 types of backups for their computers: Complete Backup and Data Backup.


To perform a Complete Backup using Recovery Solution 5 in Windows 7, follow these steps:

1 Click BackUp
Data Backup
2 Select Complete Backup
3 Enter a description to create this backup and choose where to save it: locally or to a portable media.
Recovery Solution 5 supports only the following type of media: DVD+R, DVD-R, DVD+RW, DVD-RW
Then, click Next
4 The next screen allows you to select 2 optional features: LiveImaging and System Software Backup.
LiveImaging will create a backup without restarting the computer. However you can’t use the computer during the backup creation process.
System Software Backup will create a backup of preinstalled Samsung related applications and drivers.

You are not required to choose any of these 2 options.
5 Your computer may restart depending on your option
6 Follow the on-screen instruction until the Complete Backup process is completed

To perform a Data Backup using Recovery Solution 5 in Windows 7, follow these steps:

1 Click BackUp
Data Backup
2 Select Data Backup
3 Select what type of files you’d like to backup. To manually select files and folders, choose the “Select from all” option
4 Click Next then enter a description for this backup and choose a save path for it.
5 Click Yes at the “All backup settings completed.” screen
6 Click OK at the “Backup completed.” message and wait until the backup is completed.

Windows 8

1 Search for and select Samsung Recovery .
2 Select New backup , select the drive you want to save the backup to, and then select Backup .
3 To create the backup, select Yes .

Restore DataClick to Expand

Windows 7 users usually have the Samsung Recovery Solution 5 installed on their computers.

With Samsung Recovery Solution 5 you can restore your computer by choosing any of the three available options:

ㆍBasic Restore

ㆍComplete Restore

ㆍData Restore

1 Open the Recovery Solution 5 software
2 Select options : Basic, Complete or Data Restore.
For Data Restore : Select what path you want for this restore. Original path will restore the backup to its original location, while New path will restore the backup to a new location.
3 Follow the on-screen instruction until the process is completed.

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