Refrigerator cooling issues

Last Update date : Apr 25. 2022

If your freezer are not cooling, there are several things you can do. Most cooling concerns can be resolved by adjusting refrigerator settings, proper use and care, inspecting and cleaning the door seals, or resetting the refrigerator.

Refrigerator is not cooling enough

Make sure the fridge can breathe

Your refrigerator needs room to breathe. Make sure it has at least 2 inches of clearance in the back and sides. If not, the condenser has a harder time getting rid of all the heat it's been removed from the refrigerator. Also, if it's in an enclosure, make sure you give the doors room to open.

Keep it clean

  • Clean up messes as they happen.
  • Keep things stacked neatly to ensure the greatest airflow.
  • Do not store perishable food in or near the doors, as this is the warmest area in the compartment.
  • Clean the seals and make sure they're not warped or damaged.

Check the door

Check to make sure that the door is closed properly. Not doing so will cause cold air to leak out.

Keep it stocked and stacked.

Overloading the fridge or stacking items too close to the vents inside will keep the air from circulating inside when the fan is on. This might be the cause of some warm spots. On the other hand, too few items inside the fridge can negatively affect the temperature. If you've got lots of space, add some bottles of water to help the fridge keep cool.

Check Overload

Make sure that your storage does not take up 70% of the space or block the air vent which will affect the temperature.

Keep it comfortable

  • Give your fridge 2 inches of breathing room around the back and sides.
  • Avoid putting hot food in the refrigerator. It will take time for the refrigerator to make up for the drastic temperature change.
  • Your refrigerator has to be located in a climate-controlled area. Avoid placing it directly in the sunlight or heat.
Refrigerator not cooling at all

Check the power supply

Make sure the power cable is securely plugged into the outlet. If the plug is properly inserted, Unplug the refrigerator or turn off power at the circuit breaker, wait 5 minutes, and then restore power.

Check for Cooling Off or Demo Mode

If your fridge has a display and is showing OF OF or has scrolling temperature bars, the fridge is in Cooling Off mode. Some models have an additional setting that can turn to cool off in one compartment only.

Turning Off Cooling Off Mode

The steps to turn this mode off are specific to each model and can be found in your user manual, however, the most common method is for control panels on the outside front of the refrigerator, on the left side.

1. Locate the top two buttons on the left side of the panel. On newer models, the top button on the right side of the panel is also necessary. However, we recommend trying it with only 2 buttons first as you're less likely to be in Cooling Off Mode accidentally on models which require 3 buttons.

2. Simultaneously touch and hold these buttons for 5-8 seconds, until a chime sounds. This chime will sound different than when a single button is touched.

3. Wait a few moments to confirm that the display does not return to Cooling Off Mode status again. If it does, repeat these steps until you're successful.

Vacation Mode

Vacation mode will keep the freezer on, but the fridge compartment will run at 15°c which will feel warmer than usual. Vacation mode is only available on certain models - and there will be a Vacation icon on the display (it looks like a power plug).

Turn off Vacation mode: If the display has a Vacation button, press it once to turn off vacation mode. If you don't see a Vacation button, press and hold the Child Lock button for 3 seconds.

Refrigerator overcooling

Ever open your refrigerator and discovered that all your foods are frozen? To find out how to prevent overcooling your Refrigerator, follow the troubleshooting guide below:

Check the temperature Settings
Ensure the set temperature is normal. Recommended temperature will be 3 degrees celsius for the refrigerator and -19 degrees celsius for the freezer

Keep Food Away from air vents
Arrange your food properly and prevent blocking the air vents

Ensure food is covered or put in sealed containers

Check if the rubber gasket is in good condition.

Replace it if it is torn.

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