How to install your Samsung AirDresser?

Last Update date : Nov 20. 2020

The Samsung AirDresser is a breath of fresh air in clothing care. Be at your best every day with fresh, crisp sanitised clothes and also reduce wrinkles. It even keeps the inside hygienic. When you are getting ready to install your Samsung AirDresser, there are certain precautions to follow so your AirDresser maintains operating at it’s peak performance.


Product Layout

1. Air hole
2. Air hanger
3. Air Filter
4. Shelf
5. Lint filter
6. Drain Tank
7. Water tray
8. Control panel
9. Accessory care zone
10. Shelf holder
11. Refill Tank


Precautions Before Installation

  • If the minimum clearances are not met, performance will decrease due poor ventilation and condensation may occur on the product exterior.
  • Do not install the product in direct sunlight or hot and cold places.
  • The ambient temperature must be between 10 °C-35 °C. If the ambient temperature is too high or too low, the product may not operate normally, or performance may decrease.
  • Avoid places near heating apparatus such as heaters Do not block the ventilation holes on the bottom of the product.
  • Do not install the product where the frost is caught. Cold water can damage the product.
  • To avoid the risk caused by the reset of the overtemperature prevention device inadvertently, this device must not be powered by outside transfer devices such as timers and must not be connected to circuits which are regularly switched on and off by the facilities.
Installing the product
1 Select a solid, level location withadequate space for the followingclearances.

Space for Installation

Select a solid, level location with adequate space for the following clearances.

  • AirDresser top – Wall: 25 mm
  • AirDresser side – Wall: 5 mm
  • AirDresser rear – Wall: 15 mm
2 Turn the leveling feet (A) clockwise or counterclockwise to adjust the height until the product is level.
level feet
3 Insert the water tray as shown in thefigures. Make sure the side marked ‘TOP’ isfacing upward.
4 Plug in the product to a 230 V / 60 Hz grounded outlet.If you do not have grounded outlets, contact a Samsung service centre foralternative methods to ground theproduct.

Please Note:

• After installing the product, you must wait at least 2 hours before using it.
• The product consumes more water the first time the product is used. You may have to fill the Refill Tank more than one time. 

Securing AirDresser with the anti-tip strap (optional)

AIRDRESSER may tip-over by external force or children. If necessary, use the anti-tip strap to secure AIRDRESSER and prevent tip-over.


CAUTION: You must unplug the product before securing the AirDresser with the anti-tip strap.

Please Note:

  • Use the provided screw to fasten the anti-tip strap to a wall.
  • Use the screws fastened on top of the AirDresser to fasten the anti-tip strap to the AirDresser.
Setting the language

When you turn on the product for the first time after the installation, the language selection screen appears on the control panel display. Follow the instructions to select the language.

1 Tap < or > to select a language.
2 Tap and hold Start/Pause to save the selected language.
Please Note:
  • Language setting may not be applicable in some countries.
  • To change the language afterward, tap and hold Normal and Delicates for 3 seconds, and then follow the above instructions.

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