Washing Machine Vibrating and Noisy

Last Update date : Nov 16. 2022

It's normal for your washer to make some operational sounds during a wash cycle. But if it's making too much noise or vibrating excessively, we have some easy troubleshooting tips to help quiet it down. Read on to find out how to reduce the noise or disruption caused by your washing machine while it's running a cycle.

Washing Machine Vibrating and Noisy Washing Machine Vibrating and Noisy

Tips to reduce vibration

If your washing machine is making too much noise, there are a few easy things to check.

1. Make sure your washer is installed on a level, solid surface

Make sure the washing machine is set on a level floor. If the floor is not level, use the leveling feet to adjust the washing machine. An uneven surface is one of the most common reasons for excessive noise or vibration.

2. Remove shipping bolts

If you have a front-loading washer, confirm that the shipping bolts are removed before use; if you have a top-loading washer, you don't have to worry about these bolts. 

3. Make sure the laundry load is balanced

It is vital to ensure that the load is evenly balanced when using a spin cycle. Redistribute washing by adding or removing items to ensure a more balanced load. How much weight the washer can handle is based on its capacity. On many devices, you can find the maximum capacity of your washing machine on the control panel. 

4. Check the door seal. 

Check if there are damages on the door seal that surrounds the outside of the drum that can rub against the washing drum as it spins. When this occurs, it produces unusual noise.

5. Avoid any cluttered space

Make sure the washer is not in contact with any other objects around its outside.

6. Make sure to remove metal objects

Remove metal objects, such as coins from your clothes to prevent clanging sounds. Overalls or metal-decorated clothes can cause noise while being washed. You can turn these garments inside out to lessen the noise. When a load finishes, check if any metal objects fell into the tub; remove these objects to stop noise from happening in the next wash.

7. Certain items, like heavy or waterproof items, can make thumping or knocking sounds when they've been washed alone in a cycle.

Try to insert a small piece of cotton with them to avoid the noise.

Note:  If the issue persists, we would like to recommend visiting one of our Authorized Service Centers or Request a Service online.

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