Afterimage phenomenon at the top of Note10+ screen

Last Update Date : Aug 28. 2019

We will inform about an afterimage phenomenon on a status bar at top of the screen that happen in some customer’s Note10+ device.


This phenomenon happens due to a software error that temporarily occurs during “Always On Display” processing when “Always On Display” is set as “Show always”


This is temporary phenomenon, so the device will be recovered to normal state after some time if changing “Always On Display” setting.

And we are preparing a software update to resolve this phenomenon also.


If you experience inconvenience with this phenomenon, please set “Always On Display” as “Tap to show” or disable until the software update release.

1 Navigate to Settings > Lockscreen
2 Select Always on Display
3 Set as Tap to show or turn off Always on Display
(The phenomenon will be recovered after some time.)


ㆍThe period to recover to normal state may be varied by how long 'Always On Display' is displayed.

ㆍPlease keep your device up to date for the best performance.

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