How to backup a Samsung Galaxy Device

Last Update Date : Oct 12. 2020

With so many files on your phone or tablet, it is important to back up your data.  It is recommended to keep regular back ups of your Samsung device in case your phone or tablet is ever lost, stolen or replaced. 


Creating a backup of your smartphone data keeps you safe, just in case the worst happens. Making backups and restoring your data from a backup is made easy with a Samsung account, Google account or with the Smart Switch app. You can even set your smartphone to create backups automatically allows you to easily transfer contacts, photos, messages and other types of files.

Samsung BackUp


Select one of the options below to learn how to back up your device via Smart Switch, Backup to PC / Mac, external USB / SD Cards via Samsung Account or Google Account.

Back up to another deviceClick to Expand

Smart Switch makes it easy to transfer contacts, photos, messages and more from your old phone to your new Samsung Galaxy device.  Latest Galaxy devices already have Smart Switch pre-installed however if you have uninstalled the app or if you are unable to locate the application within your apps tray, you can easily download from the Google PlayStore.

1 Go to “Settings” > “Cloud and Accounts” > “Smart Switch” and select “USB Cable ”* on both your old device and your new Galaxy smartphone.

smart switch
2 Connect both devices with the USB cable and USB Connector to begin.
Connect USB connector
3 Select Send on your old device and Receive on your new Galaxy smartphone.
4 Select items to transfer and click Transfer .

Back up data with a microSD cardClick to Expand

If you'd rather use a method that doesn't require the internet, you can try using a microSD card. Simply insert one into your phone or tablet and then move over your desired files to the card, so they'll be safe and sound.


Back up to a PC / MacClick to Expand

Before you start backing up your files, make sure your PC meets the minimum requirements to use Smart Switch. To find out if your PC or Mac supports Smart Switch, visit the Smart Switch page, and select Requirements under Overview.

1 Connect your phone to your computer using a USB cable, and then tap Allow on your phone.
2 Navigate to and open Smart Switch on your computer, and then click Backup
3 Your computer will automatically start backing up your phone's data. A screen will appear informing you it's complete. Click OK .
Backup Completed

Back up using Samsung CloudClick to Expand

Backup data from your previous device to Samsung Cloud and restore the data to your new device. You can also sync data saved in your device with Samsung Cloud and view data saved on the Samsung Cloud. 


You must register and sign in to your Samsung account to use Samsung Cloud. With the free basic plan, you can get some storage at no charge. There are several methods to back up your data through Samsung Cloud. Choose the one that works the best for you.


Content types that can be backed up

Manage the content that you want to store securely in Samsung Cloud. You can backup data such as: Calendar, Contacts, Phone, Clock: Alarms, Home screen, Apps, Settings, Messages, Music, Voice Recorder, Documents.


Manually back up data

From Settings, tap Accounts and backup, and then tap Samsung Cloud. Swipe down to and tap Back up this phone. On the next screen, select the content you want to back up, or simply tap Select all. When you're ready, tap Back up. Once it's finished, tap Done.


Automatically back up data

Auto back up automatically backs up your data once every 24 hours. However, for this, your phone must be charged, connected to Wi-Fi, and the screen must be off for at least an hour.

Step 1. Go to Settings > Accounts and backup.

Step 2. Tap Samsung Cloud.

Backup automnatically

Step 3. Tap More options (three vertical dots) > Settings.

Step 4. Tap Sync and auto backup settings > Auto back up.

Step 5. Select what to back up automatically to Samsung Cloud. 

Backup automatically

If you are creating a backup so that you can move your data to a new device, the Smart Switch app makes the process of switching phones quick and painless. Find out more about Backup using Samsung Cloud.

Please note: 

• Some data will not be backed up. To check which data will be backed up, on the Settings screen, tap Accounts and backup → Samsung Cloud → Back up this phone.

• To view the backup data for other devices in your Samsung Cloud, on the Settings screen, tap Accounts and backup → Samsung Cloud → Restore data → tap arrow down  and then select a device you want to restore.

Back up via Samsung AccountClick to Expand

Haven't created your Samsung Account yet check out our page How do I create a Samsung account? for step-by-step instructions.

1 Launch your Settings> Accounts & Backup
2 Select Backup and Restore
3 Under Samsung Account select >b>Back up data
Back Up Data
4 Tap on the content you would like to be backed up then select Back up
Select BackUp

Note: The images displayed will depend on your Galaxy device and Android OS Version. 

5 Once the back up is complete, tap Done

Back up via Google AccountClick to Expand
1 Launch your Settings> Accounts & Backup
2 Select Backup and Restore
3 Toggle on Back up my data then select Google Account
select google account
4 Tap on Back up now to back up your add data, call history, contacts, device settings and SMS text messages to your Google Drive Account
select backup now
5 Tap Done Once the back up is complete.

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