How to protect your phone from viruses and malware?

Last Update date : Sep 22. 2020

It's unlikely that your phone will become infected with viruses and malware because all Galaxy and Play Store apps are scanned before they're downloaded. However, sneaky ads or emails can try to download harmful software onto your phone. The below article will show you a couple of things to keep your device secure.

Tips to avoid virus and malware

Ways to stay safeWant to make extra sure your phone is safe? Follow these tips to keep your phone virus-free:


ㆍDo not download apps outside of the Play Store or Galaxy Apps.
ㆍAvoid using antivirus apps. Samsung does not recommend third-party antivirus products.
ㆍKeep your phone updated with the latest software and operating system.


Remove an infected app

First, completely power off the phone and then power it on again. When the Samsung logo appears, press and hold the Volume Down key. If done correctly, "Safe mode" will be displayed in the bottom left corner of the screen.


If "Safe mode" does not appear, repeat the steps above.Remember, all third-party apps are disabled when your phone is in Safe mode, so it's a great way to figure out what's causing the problem.


To remove potentially infected apps, navigate to Settings, and then tap Apps. Select the desired app, and then tap Uninstall.


To exit Safe Mode, simply restart your phone and it will reboot normally.

Safe Mode
Browser Settings

Use the options in Samsung Internet to drive away pop-ups. Navigate and tap Samsung Internet. Next, tap Menu, and then select Ad blockers. You’ll see a list of recommended content and ad blockers for your browser.


Select the app, and then tap Install to get the content blocker. 


If you are using a different browser app, remember to adjust its security settings instead.

ad blocker

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