Irregular charging detected is displayed during charging

Last Update date : Jul 25. 2022

Damaged data cable or un-authorized fast wireless charger may cause unstable charging and Irregular charging detected notification pop-up. 

Please check the following:

  • Check the data cable. Use another data cable to check if the issue still persists
  • Check the Wireless Charger. Use Samsung authorized wireless charger only.
Irregular charging detected notification
Samsung authorized vs un-authorized wireless charger

Samsung Authorized 

Samsung authorized wireless charger serial number

  • The font of  S/N is bold and darker than other text.
  • Not inclined text.
  • The cooling fan operates during fast charging.
  •  The Airhole pattern is not matched with the fan vent.

Samsung Un-authorized 

Samsung Un-authorized wireless charger serial number

  • The font of  S/N is the same as other text.
  • Inclined text.
  • There is no cooling fan.
  •  The air hole pattern is matched with the fan vent.

Samsung Authorized 

authorized wireless charger

  • CE is printed.
  • Air holes are not blocked.
  • Samsung authorized PBA .

Samsung Un-authorized 

Unauthorized wireless charger

  • CE0678 is printed.
  • Some air holes are blocked.
  • PBA is different.

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