Is Samsung Galaxy Note9 waterproof?

Last Update Date : Oct 25. 2018
Is Galaxy Note9 wateproof

Yes. Don't be afraid to get wet. The Galaxy Note9  has an IP68 rating, meaning you don't have to stop texting or taking photos on account of rain.


What is an IP rating?Click to Expand

An IP (Ingress Protection) rating is an international standard that shows you the level of ingress protection of your device. With IP68, the S9/S9+ are resistant in fresh water to a maximum of depth of 1.5 metres for up to 30 minutes and are protected from dust--all without the need for extra cases or covers.

Please note: Phone may not perform in all extreme conditions. The touchscreen and other features may not work properly while the device is in water.

Tips to maintain Water and Dust resistance of Galaxy Note9Click to Expand

Follow these tips carefully to prevent damage to your device and to help maintain their water and dust-resistant performance:  


• Do not immerse the device in water deeper than 1.5 metres for more than 30 minutes.

• Do not expose the device to water moving with force, such as water running from a tap, ocean waves or waterfalls.

• If the device is exposed to any liquid other than freshwater (salt water, ionised water etc), gently rinse it with still fresh water immediately and dry it thoroughly with a clean soft cloth. Otherwise, salt may accumulate and block primary earpiece and external
speaker when it dries.

• When drying off your device, be sure to pat the earpiece (top front of the phone), primary microphone (bottom), external speaker (back) and the power/accessory (USB) interface connector with a clean, soft cloth to remove as much water as possible.

• After drying off your phone, allow it to air-dry before making a call. Calling while the phone is wet or microphone has water in it may lower the volume that the other person will hear.

• If the device is dropped or receives an impact, the water and dust-resistant features may be damaged. Physical damage to your phone, such as chips and cracks can significantly reduce its ability to resist dust and water. 

How to Register Your Mobile Warranty

How to Register Your Mobile WarrantyClick to Expand
1 Register online via CyberService
2 Go to any Samsung Service Centre . Please bring your proof of purchase (if any)
3 Mail the Certificate of Warranty to us. Find the address on the Certificate of Warranty

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