Listen to Music on Gear IconX

Last Update date : Nov 11. 2020
Listen to Music

Learn how to start listening to music on your Gear IconX earbuds. You can stream from your phone or listen to music saved right on the earbuds.

Syncing between earbuds

1 Check the direction of each earbud, correctly insert them into their corresponding slots inthe charging case, and close it.
2 Connect the charging case and the computer via the USB cable
3 On your computer’s desktop, click Gear IconX → More → Sync earbuds.
The music files are automatically stored in both earbuds.

Playing music files saved in the earbuds

Listen to music saved in your earbuds without connecting them to your mobile device.

touchpad control

Playing music files saved in your mobile device

Listen to music saved in your mobile device by connecting the earbuds to the mobile device. You can stream music played from the connected mobile device without saving music files on the earbuds.

1 Launch the Samsung Gear app on the mobile device
2 Tap Settings → Music → Play Music from or tap Info → Play Music from
3 Tap Phone to play music from your mobile device
4 Launch a music player app and play music.

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