Navigation Bar Settings on Samsung Mobile Device

Last Update date : Nov 11. 2020

The Navigation bar helps you, well, navigate your Galaxy device. IWhether you prefer the classic style, want to rearrange the button order, or don't want it to appear at all, you can customize the Navigation bar. It is the home of the Recent Apps, Home, and Back buttons, which are tools that help you navigate your phone.

Change the Navigation bar type

The Navigation bar is there to help you navigate your phone. The traditional navigation buttons are the default layout and appear at the bottom of the screen.


If you want a full screen design, you can change the Navigation bar's layout to Full screen gestures. With this feature, the Navigation bar will disappear and you will need to swipe up to use its buttons. You can swipe up on the lines or hide them with Gesture hints.

1 Launch the Settings app
2 Tap Display
3 Scroll down and select Navigation Bar
4 Choose between Navigation buttons and Full screen gestures.
navigation bar

Alternately, you can use the quicker method of turning on and off thru the quick panel tab.S imply swipe down the screen from top to bottom and access the quick panel. Please find the navigation bar and you can turn it on and off. 

Navigation bar Button order

You can customize the navigation bar so it always appears or hides when you are not using it. Or, skip your lock screen by turning on Unlock with the Home button.


Navigation Bar
1 Show and hide button.
2 Recents button
3 Home button
4 Back button
Unlock with Home button

Hard press the Home button while the screen is off to skip the Lock screen and go directly to the Home screen.

Navigation bar display issues

Find out why this is happening and what to do about it.


  • The hide/show icon that allowed you to hide or show the Navigation bar is only available on Oreo phones. The icon was removed on the Pie OS with the Navigation bar redesign.
  • While using certain third-party apps, the Navigation bar may disappear even when it’s turned on. You may find this when playing a game or video. Simply swipe up to display the Navigation bar temporarily.

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