Screen off Memo improvements for Galaxy Note9

Last Update date : Sep 21. 2020

Samsung Galaxy Note 9 comes with a new Bluetooth enabled S Pen which is also used to write ‘Screen Off Memo’


Screen off memo gives you the freedom of jotting down notes or ideas wherever and whenever you need, even when the mobile device is locked. 

screen off memo improvements

Previously, a Screen off memo could only be written in a white color. Now, it can be written in the same color as the S Pen's exterior color. The S Pen's color can be also applied as-is, even if the memo's pinned to the AOD.


• By default, the color is the same as the S Pen's exterior color. However, the user can change it to gray, as supported by Screen off memo, by changing the settings.

Change the Settings

1 Go to Settings then select Advanced Features
Select Advance Feature
2 Select SPEN >> Screen off memo
SPEN then screen off memo
3 Select Use S Pen signature color
S Pen signature color

A note written in Samsung Notes is saved in Screen off memo's color as-is. A note is saved in black when the user writes it using a black S Pen and also when they write it in gray as provided by Screen off memo.


Please Note: A Screen off memo can only be written in the color of the paired S Pen, thus only one S Pen can be paired.

Since the Screen off memo feature is used to jot down words quickly rather than for decorating, we don't provide a menu from which users can choose different colors. 

Thank you for your feedback!