Tips to extend your battery usage time in Samsung Galaxy mobile device

Last Update Date : Mar 23. 2018

Samsung Mobile Devices such as S8/S8+, Note8, A8/A8+, S9/S9+ provides various ways to increase battery usage time. During the initial period (approximately 3 days) after the purchase, the battery usage time may be shorter because App power monitor feature and Optimization of battery usage feature do not work properly. 

To increase battery usage time, follow these steps:

Increase Battery Usage

Optimize your batteryClick to Expand

This feature helps to improve the device performance through the following actions:
• Clearing memory

• Deleting unnecessary files and closing unused applications running in the background

• Managing abnormal battery usage

• Scanning for crashed applications and malware

1 Select Settings
Tap Settings
2 Select Device maintenance in the Settings screen
Select Device Maintenance
3 Select Optimize Now
Select on Optimize Now
4 Wait for the device to complete the optimization process
Optimization completed

Power Saving ModeClick to Expand

You can also save battery power by preventing unused applications that are running in the background from draining the battery power.

1 Select Settings
Select Settings
2 Select Device maintenance in the Settings screen
Select Device Maintenance
3 Click on the Battery icon
Click on Battery Icon
4 Tick applications from the list and click the Save Power button
Select applications and click on Save Power

Monitor and optimise battery usageClick to Expand

This feature helps to save battery power by restricting applications that are using mobile networks or sync data

1 Select Settings
Select Settings
2 Select Device maintenance in the Settings screen
Select Device Management
3 Click on the Optimize Now button
Select Optimize Now
4 Click Battery Usage on the top of the Battery screen
Click Battery Usage
5 Select Optimize Battery Usage by clicking the 3 dots vertical bar on the top right of the screen
Select Optimise Battery Usage
1 Select Settings
Enable Optimise battery usage for individual apps

Auto-sync Feature

Auto-Sync FeatureClick to Expand

Turn off auto-sync feature for unused options in accounts:

1 Enable Optimize battery usage for individual application by sliding the slider from left to right
Select Settings
2 Select Cloud and accounts in the Settings screen
Select clouds and accounts
3 Select Accounts in the Cloud and Accounts screen
Select accounts
4 Click on individual account
Click on individual account
5 Turn off the auto-sync feature by sliding the slider from right to left
Turn off auto-sync feature

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