What is SE for Android?

Last Update date : Jun 24. 2022
Samsung Knox

Security Enhancements for Android (SE for Android) prevents apps or processes from accessing data and resources that they are not allowed to. For example, apps outside the Knox container are not allowed to access app data inside the container.


SE for Android provides a Mandatory Access Control (MAC) over traditional Discretionary Access Control (DAC) environments. SE for Android can grant special privileges based specific EMM policies. In DAC environments, since SE for Android controls access of kernel resources, certain apps may not run as intended. Samsung’s MAC feature allows your apps to run properly alongside SE for Android.

About Samsung Knox

Samsung KNOX provides the benefit of enterprise data security while keeping personal information private: 

• The Samsung KNOX container delivers a distinct interface.

• Your personal apps, photos, emails, and texts are kept separate from the Samsung KNOX container. They are secure and private from enterprise IT administrators.

• IT administrators can access important corporate files and email inside the Samsung KNOX container on your device. 

• Samsung KNOX Apps allows you to easily and securely download business apps to the Samsung KNOX container. 

Knox Security Updates

New versions of Knox are tied to a specific Android Operating System. Each time you upgrade your OS, Knox is also upgraded

For example, if you recently upgraded your device to Android Pie, your Knox version is also automatically upgraded to Knox 3.2.1. To check if your device is capable of a Knox upgrade. 

1 Check the Android version currently on your device: Settings > General > About device > Android version.
2 Check the software updates that are currently available: Settings > General > About device > Software update > Update.
3 Install the Android update. (Availability depends on your carrier and country. If you are unable to upgrade your Android OS, then you can't upgrade to a newer version of Knox.)

Multi-layered Security

ㆍSecurity Enhancement - Protects device resources and data from unauthorized access

ㆍRuntime Protection & Encryption - inspect the core software of the OS. These checks ensure that requests to bypass device security are blocked and sensitive data is protected.

ㆍTrustzone Architecture - verifies the integrity of the kernel on a continuous basis

ㆍSecure/Trusted Boot and Hardware Root of Trust - ensures that the device boots only from an authorized kernel, and not from a hacked or rooted kernel

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