How to use Dolby Pro Logic II Mode in Audio Setting?

Last Update Date : Jan 10. 2018


Dolby Pro Logic II Mode

You can select the desired Dolby Pro Logic II audio mode. Please follow the steps below.

1.  Press the  PL II MODE button.

2.  Each time the button is pressed, the mode changes as follows.


    MUSIC: When listening to music, you can experience sound effects as if you are listening to the actual performance.

    CINEMA: Adds realism to the movie soundtrack.

    PRO LOGIC: You will experience a realistic multi-channel effect, as if using five speakers, while using just the front left and right speakers.

    MATRIX: You will hear 5.1 channel surround sound.

    STEREO: Select this to listen to sound from the front left and right speakers and the subwoofer only.

    ※ Note

    When selecting Pro Logic II mode, connect your external device to the AUDIO INPUT jacks(L and R) on the player.  If you connect to only one of the inputs (L or R), you cannot listen to surround sound.

    PRO LOGIC II function is only available in STEREO mode.

Dolby Pro Logic II Effect

This function works only in Dolby Pro Logic MUSIC mode.

1. Press the PL II MODE button to select MUSIC mode.

2. Press the PL II EFFECT button.

3. Press the ◀, ▶ buttons to select the desired effect setting.

    PANORAMA: You can select either 0 or 1.

    C- WIDTH: You can select between 0 and 7.

    DIMENS: You can select between 0 and 6.

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